Monday, December 28, 2015

A Solution to reduce pollution and traffic in large cities..

This video presents a solution to reduce pollution and traffic in large cities. Delhi Govt has introduced a new rule to reduce pollution and traffic that odd cars would run on odd days of the month and even cars would run on even days of the month. Many thinks that it is not a feasible solution and would add inconvenience to Delhiites and NCR residents.

Please do watch this video that it does provide a believable solution in fun way. People can carpool or bikepool to their workplaces and for all other tasks and emergency situation, we can also depend on neighborhood..

RideAlly (a Carpooling app) has launched a "Know Your Neghbor" Campaign to connect odd-even car owners in Delhi/NCR region.  It enables People without vehicle also to get ride. Females can share rides with only females. It has 10+ security features to ensure safety and security. Overall, it provides a perfect solution to pollution/traffic issues in large cities.

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