Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's going in CEO or MD or Business Owner's mind?

Before we talk on optimizing business, I think that its apt to talk about what is going in CEO or MD or Business Owner's mind? What do they want? Are they interested in any of these frameworks? What outputs they wish to achieve for their organization?

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Circle of Principles (CoP) for Business or Teams

We all know that to grow the business and to sustain the growth over time, management need to continuously look/measure customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, revenue (top line) and profitability (bottom line) as a bare minimum.

To achieve above parameters, businesses should adopt Circle of Principles (CoP) as mentioned at

About a concept "OpCord"

Earlier, I had published about my journey to entrepreneurship and now, we are making an attempt to explain the concept "OpCord". OpCord means Optimizing with Coordination.

OpCord is a concept which understands that each organization has multiple factors / constraints which affect their output. It believes that one can only optimize when there are numerous factors instead of maximizing on any one parameter.

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Hariprakash Agrawal (Hari)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Points to consider on journey to Entrepreneurship

From long time, I had this dream of becoming entrepreneur and at last, I could realize it last month, Jun'2009. I knew that this is going to be a tough job as I am new to entrepreneurship but I realized that it is not really that tough if you enjoy what you work and you work for what you believe in.

What might make the difference is your preparation on your dream. How far one goes, depends on how strong the foundation is. Entrepreneurship is a creative process and I learnt a few steps from many individuals and I could take care of some of them. Below mentioned points might help a few other entrepreneurs as well.

Hariprakash Agrawal (Hari) - Optimizing with Coordination

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some revolutionary ideas...

Are you looking for ideas? Being an entrepreneur, I have been thinking of ideas from long time and I have a few age-old ideas which I do not know how to make them feasible but I am sure if they get realized, it will be a revolution bigger than internet or computer. Is there anyone who can take up the challenge? Here they are:

1. Hindu Lord Hanuman used to become as small as and as big as he wants any time. How? My one uncle explained me one day that like we have 3 states of matter, solid, liquid and gas and we all understand that in solid, molecules are quite nearer than liquid and gas. Similarly, can we design something for body where we can increase or decrease distance among molecules without affecting functions of various organs or may be, we can increase or decrease the size of molecules. If we can even increase/decrease size of molecules by 1 mm, whole body might be quite big. If we can do these, we might accomplish that. Can we do this?

2. Hindu Gods or angels can fly without need of any machine, like, aeroplane etc. How? We all know birds can fly but what do they do differently which we human are not able to do. We human have already learnt technique of swimming without putting any machine on/in our body hence I am sure we can also fly some day. Is it just weight or do we need wings or what our Gods are doing differently which we are not able to understand. Lets invest in this, we might get a way of flying. We might resolve issue of traffic although air traffic will increase.

3. Hindu Gods can vanish from one place and appear somewhere else in a split of second. How? ever thought on that. May be, they travel at the speed of light and our human eyes cannot notice that and we see suddenly, the God has disappeared and the God appears somewhere else instantly. Can we human being travel at the speed of light?

4. Many movies have been made on how can we become invisible and do whatever we want even in a crowded place and still nobody notices us. Is it a solution or watch or something else, which we apply on our body and we can disappear and do funny acts. One can also choose to punish all terrorists or bribe-takers or bad politicians etc but if everyone becomes invisible than can an invisible person see another invisible person. If not than we have another idea to work upon that how can one invisible person see another invisible person or how can someone else make an invisible person visible?

5. Hindu Gods and many saints can cure/heal a human being just by their touch or by providing some fruit or ash or something else and receiver gets cured or can generate a new life. How? Does the Gods and Saints radiate some kind of rays from their hands or body which heals/cures us? or do they have some kind of lotion on their hand and when they touch, we get cured? Can we work on this and cure crores of people including me.

Lets not laugh on above ideas as they might shape the future and someone might make them reality. I think that these many ideas are enough to rock the world or universe or do you have some more ideas which at any point of time has already been discussed but still we could not accomplish or enlighten me if someone in some part of the world has already progressed a lot or working on these ideas. So entrepreneurs, start working and lets have even better gadgets. We still have miles to go....

More later,
Hariprakash Agrawal (Hari), - Optimizing Business Variables with Coordination - An initiative to make common man aware of their potentials and responsibilities

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Voter Registration Camp @ Suncity

Here is another opportunity to do your bit being common man. One of the fundamental rights being citizen of a country is to exercise vote and choosing representatives in democratic way. What we choose today will decide what we get in future. Please get your voting rights at the place where you stay or plan to exercise vote. JaagoRe is one of such rare initiative which enables citizens of India to get their vote registered. This article provides you some useful information on how to register your vote using JaagoRe.

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To conclude, I must say that it is very good initiative, I got to learn a lot and wishing to spread this as much as possible.

- Hariprakash

About Khata Registration/Transfer

Few of us might feel that being a common man, we cannot do anything against corruption, but here is a small opportunity to fight against corruption. One can also get useful information on Khata Registration. Kudos to a team which worked together and achieved Khata Registration at Bangalore where bribe takers (I don't call them officials because it is a reputed word for honest officers) are blooming. The team involved few Suncityites, Vidyasagar, Harshad, Sanjeev Suman, Renjith Chitharanajan and Dayanand (FYI, Suncity Apartments has >1150 flats near Sarjapur Junction, Bangalore) who struggled/fought for 4 months to get their khata registration while it should not take more than 1 month provided we have officials. Lets get to the topic.

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Typical template for filing RTI to seek information on status of Khata Registration

Typical template for filing RTI to seek information on documents required for Khata Registration

- Hariprakash
(On behalf of the above mentioned team and special thanks to Vidyasagar for writing above steps)