Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Voter Registration Camp @ Suncity

Here is another opportunity to do your bit being common man. One of the fundamental rights being citizen of a country is to exercise vote and choosing representatives in democratic way. What we choose today will decide what we get in future. Please get your voting rights at the place where you stay or plan to exercise vote. JaagoRe is one of such rare initiative which enables citizens of India to get their vote registered. This article provides you some useful information on how to register your vote using JaagoRe.

This article has been shifted to website http://vicharpravah.com (Let thoughts flow...) under link http://vicharpravah.com/index.php/power-of-common-man/3-erdaicate-evil/3-voter-registration-camp-suncity.html

To conclude, I must say that it is very good initiative, I got to learn a lot and wishing to spread this as much as possible.

- Hariprakash

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