Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Points to remember in self driven long journey

If you are planning for a self driven long journey than you may like to keep in mind these points:
  1. Condition of car: Have petrol tank full (you do not get petrol pumps for long distance especially extra mile/premium or speed), Tyre pressure checked (including stepney), wheel balancing, water level in radiator etc
  2. Have car papers ready, like, RC book, insurance, emission certificate, driving license etc. If you are crossing state than it will be checked on border and you might need to bribe if you do not have any such documents, also it wastes time and deteriorates mood.
  3. First aid kit: Band-aid, Soframycin, brufane, combiflame, savlon, Eno pouches, cotton, Move spray etc
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- Hariprakash

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  1. Hi,

    This was really useful as me and hubby are planning a similar trip this dec.